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Hey guys I know this is a longshot but im looking for that relly good creepypasta that one this guy posted here a fe years ago? It started out with the guy saying he was goin to be in a whole lot of trouble at his job but it was getting too bad and h

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Sorry I got cut off (damn character limit) anyway he posted it along with all these sick pictures of peple in these weird neckbraces and messed-up faces and they were all realy good photoshops imean it looked like he took them in somebodys dusty basm

Reply: burtonfanxx

-ment and they all had their pupils blown out like they were on drugs I saved a few but that was like three computers ago and anyway I don’t want the pictures I want the story that went along with them

Any takers?


Hey again guess I messed up my password too many times lol got locked out of my account so had to make this new one. So anyway anyone remember that guy? Said he worked for some government branch I think he mentioned mk-ultra at one point but this was


something new and even more fucked up like they went past drugs and into some weird body mod thing there were people there with only haf a face and I think he mentioned operaton paperclip idk what that is but he was really scared and said that he was


having horrible nitemares where those people got out and he was scared of his boss’s who were forcing him to keep workng an he was pretty sure they tapped his phone and he was rwiting it from someoneelse’s house  and he had no idea what the govenment


wanted them for he said it was like a kid burning ants with a magnifying glass at this point and one of the other researchers went missing around the time they got a new test subject and he could’t tell if it was him because theyd cut its face off an


d its tongue and voicebox. That was one of the pictures. I remember it ended with him capslocking that we all needed to spread the word about what they were doing and then the user got b& for no reason like this was the only thing he posted and he di


dn’t even swear or nothing. The thread was gone by the next day too, but I thought a bunch of people got caps but I don’t see any old users so I figured you got locked out like me, lol. Please help, I’ve been losing sleep thinking about this and I fe

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Thread author: imnotspock
Subject:what the f?

Man where did my thread go it was up on the front page and then it disapeared? Someone let the mods know they havn’t been answering my pm’s. can someone please anser me that stupid firefly thread got 300 posts in one day and I haven’t even gotten one

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