Sudden-onset Pattern Psychosis

Sudden Onset Pattern Psychosis is an extremely rare syndrome that shows no genetic, neurochemical, or physical links as of yet. Afflicted sufferers will contract relatively mild flulike symptoms. After a fever topping out at 110˚, the sufferer will fall into a heavy sleep, reporting unusually vivid dreams the next morning.

The next phase has been dubbed Unconscious Arrangement. The sufferer will attempt to arrange all incidental objects into fixed geometrical patterns without realizing it, one such case by a coworker held that the sufferer bent paperclips into flowers while in conversation.  When pointed out, suffers are often cheerfully dismissive of the habit. Every subsequent instance that they are reminded of their compulsion is met as if for the first time. This is garnished by a perceived lack of control in the logic processes of the brain. Any simple attempts to problem-solve or plan is met with bizarre logical fallacies, i.e. laying a sandwich out in a single layer, because if they stack the ingredients the stack would eventually hit the ceiling.

This leads into the Conscious-compulsive phase. Sufferers will begin a holistic “arrangement” of the world around them, putting a receipt in a certain trashcan, buying produce and then leaving it in a parked car, etc. Sufferers maintain that this is to keep the worldwide “pattern” going, which they perceive themselves as functioning objects within. In this stage sufferers are usually taken by family members or concerned citizens for psychiatric diagnoses. This can be disastrous as most antidepressant medication serves only to eliminate any unsurety on the sufferer’s part, outward symptoms may vanish to the relief of relatives but the subject’s prefrontal cortex shows diminished activity, along with the loss of reflexive control. Sufferers are often diagnosed with schizophrenia or manic depression, which a CAT scan quickly proves false.

The final phase has been dubbed the “mad artist” phase. If the suffer was artistically inclined, they may skip to this phase, forgoing any secondary symptoms. Those that do not show any predilection for artistry consequently develop talents far beyond any previous skill level. The “psycho-canvas”( usually walls in the sufferer’s house or some conveniently nearby flat surface) becomes the ground for their ultimate pattern. Sufferers will use any materials that come to hand: food, bodily fluids, charcoal from burning their personal belongings, etc., to construct an elaborate visual pattern. Thus begins a frenzied rush to write/draw/paint a large mural of the patient’s malaise, including but not limited to: geometric shapes, lines of nonsensical text, portraiture, psychadelia, and simple scribbling. During this phase, the artist attempts to attract as much attention as they can to their work, some have even gone so far as to attempt public installations. The sufferers are no longer subject to reason, brute force, or psychiatric drugs. Death has shown to be the only reliable cessation of the artist. Any suffers attempting public mural are summarily executed. Claims that viewing the mural creates more infectees of Sudden Onset Pattern Psychosis are so far unproven.


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