Dead End


[REDACTED] are coordinates that, once entered into a standard GPS, direct the driver to a small cul-de-sac 3.7 miles outside of [REDACTED] City. They were discovered by [NAME REDACTED] of [REDACTED] City, who proceeded to post it on a small urban exploration message board he frequented. He was mystified by their apparent adjacency to [SUBURB] since “[he] drove past it every morning on the way to work and [he’d] never seen anything like it.” On the encouragement of fellow posters, he decided to input the coordinates into his GPS and follow them to the letter, including occasional photos.

[REDACTED] started out sometime after 10am and posted a blow-by-blow account from his mobile phone, including the cardinal directions he traveled and the street names. He also uploaded photographs, which showed up as broken links. The other posters became concerned when he failed to check in for half an hour, his last message of, “just passed [FRANCHISE], but I don’t feel like a burger heheh,” not appearing to indicate anything dire. When a poster who claimed to live nearby [REDACTED]’s residence offered to check up on the situation, the thread was closed. Following police investigation, the coordinates were stricken from the cache and a speed trap set up at the mouth of [REDACTED] street to catch would-be explorers. In a barn approximately three hours upstate, an abandoned car was found with traces of [REDACTED]’s DNA. Pieces of [REDACTED]’s body have been found intermittently on [REDACTED]  road, including most of the torso save for the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] organs. Fellow message board posters attempting to follow [REDACTED]’s written directions have found their path terminating in a brick wall.


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