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Creepypasta Cookoff 2016

Another year, another batch of spooky goodness, cooked up by the finest minds of the internet. This year’s entries are:

The Daddy Face

What the Sea Leaves

Homo parkinsoni

Grasshopper Glacier 

All this and so much more in the 2016 cook-off. Multimedia entries as well as traditional text stories, all more than worth a look!


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Scary Story Competition

It’s that time of year again! As the weather turns cold and various species of plant life get crunchy, we like thinking of a good scare. Scary Movie Sunday is running a story competition.

More into at their blog

I’ll be entering, and I hope some of my readers will also give it a go.

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Creepypasta cook-off 2015

The cook-off is here! So exciting to see so many new and creepy authors, can’t wait to archive-binge the whole thing.

My stories:


Mesa Blanco

San Lorenzo

The Carrier

The Roommate

And also:

The Entire Archive

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Creepypasta contest

Just received confirmation on my entries for Bogleech’s 2016 Creepypasta cook-off. The contest still has a few days left for entries, so if you’ve got anything I’d highly encourage you to submit. The more people submit, the more we all get to read!

Bogleech 2015 creepypasta cook-off

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I’ve got a piece on another blog!

Another announcement, relatively minor. I’ve got a piece running in the eclectic flomm blog. It’s an opinion piece, a little different from my usual fare, but please check it out!

I also have two pieces in the American River Review, which will be throwing its release party tonight at 7:00pm sharp! Yours truly will be doing a reading, which I may be able to take video of(depending how nice my seat neighbors are.)

See you in the funny papers

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Twit Publishing Presents: Tales of Unseen Terror and Slumbering Horrors!

Twit Publishing Presents: Tales of Unseen Terror and Slumbering Horrors!.

For my fellow USians who are into horror fiction, Twit publishing has an anthology a-brewin’!

Submission guidelines and crucial dates at the link

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Hey readers! A collaboration I did with the excellent Bill Draheim is currently up on Go check it out!

The Machine’s God

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Hello all!

Since Friday’s entry was a little thin on the ground, I’m going to post my entries for the 2015 Creepypasta cook-off, run by the exquisitely gross Bogleech.

Here they are, in no particular order:


The House of Sleep

Little Brother

Past Tense

Planter Park

Wendigo Weather

The whole thing is worth a look so please stop in:

2015 Creepypasta cook-off

special thanks to Mr. Wojicik for throwing this contest and letting me enter so much every year


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Apologies for the lack of an update Friday. In lieu of a single story, here are links to my five entries to Bogleech’s Creepypasta Cook-off:

Aw, heck. Have a link to the whole durn thing:

Creepypasta Cook-off 2014


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Contest entry: Fungi

Due to end-of-the-year shennanigans and the fact that I have been a bit under the weather lately, I have decided to post my contest entry to the Bogleech creepypasta cook-off in liu of an actual blog entry.

Read “Fungi” here!

The entire contest itself is well worth checking out, with many upcoming(and current!) horror stars giving their gory best.

Check out the contest!

Regular updates will resume next week.

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